I know it has been posted before, but just thought I would again request the ability to specifiy a site rotation in future versions of DIVA.

I am currently working on a project with two separate architects who are using Sketchup and Revit for their modeling and the iterative design process has been a bit of an inconvenience to study with DIVA. The process has required me to combine elements from these two separate models, then import them to Rhino for analysis in DIVA. This specific project has a 5 degree site rotation and modeling shading devices or updating this model has been more difficult, especially with a slightly rotated building. If anyone knows of a workaround please let me know, but I was hoping it wouldn't be too difficult to implement in a future release.

Thank you,


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Hi Steve,

Thanks for posting this. I am putting it into our feature requests document. That probably doesn't sound reassuring, but its not a very long document. 

For now I can offer two suggestions to make your life a little easier. When I have this problem, I do one of two things. One option is to work on the building/site unrotated, and then rotate it before simulation. Another option is to specify a custom construction plane using the '3 point' (origin, x-axis, y-axis) method which has the proper alignment to your slightly rotated scene.



Thanks, Alstan. I will give both of those a try.

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