Sky View Factor (mapped plane and building surface) - solved

Aside from my own previous thread, I've seen other posts requesting an approach to the assessment of SVF.

The routine I've attached here is working for a plane or single surface of a building (with surrounding obstacles) - so not just in a single point, but mapped on a surface. If any of you have suggestion to how to make it work for all building surfaces simultanously without just copying the routine out to each individual surface, give a headsup.

Note that the routine is made as a half-sphere, populated with nodes that shoots out rays towards the mesh node on the projected plane - the SVF is then derived as the (occlusion) ratio of the total rays to the rays that hit the projected mesh node.


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thank you for sharing...

First, thanx alot for sharing this :), I made a small edit in your difination to work for all the face of a brep 'including complicated shapes'.


Hi Mohamed (both:),

great and thank you for the input! It's alot more useful now - also, I've made a full routine that calculate the Mean Radiant Temperature in an urban context and will be uploading this as well, when I've cleaned up the files. The MRT is used in for example thermal assessment and here the DIVA plugin has been invaluable.

Hi Alf and Mohamed,

I want to thank you both for posting this very nice discussion and your scripts.

Secondarily, urban MRT calculations and outdoor comfort will be a part of the next release of the Umi software from MIT, though there is no ETA for it.

Looking forward to seeing your results,


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