Hi everyone,

I am trying to run the radiation map simulation in order to obtain the irradiation values on photovoltaic cells that have a coloured glass as a front layer.

Two questions spring to my mind:

1. Does the obtained irradiation correspond to the solar radiation spectrum? Or, is it the visible radiation spectrum?

2. Does it matter if the front glass is described only by means of the RGB transmissivity values?

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1. Yes, the radiation is full spectrum.

2. Only if the solar transmittance of the glass is significantly different from its visible transmittance (in which case you could use the solar value instead).


Many thanks for the reply!

Could you please also suggest me how should I model a colored glass? For instance, for a green glass pane, only the light transmission is provided (such as in https://www.agc-yourglass.com/gb/en/products/planibel-coloured/green).

Which data should I ask to glass manucturer to obtain tn(r) tn(g) tn(b) ?

Thank you again!


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