I'm trying to find out the solid angle and P factor (to be used in DGP formula) from an HDRI image? I've seen an image here 

so i was wondering if Diva, Evalglare, any other tool would provide these two values?

Thanks a lot,

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Hi Belal,

You can get the detailed information by running evalglare separately from DIVA. On a .pic file,

     evalglare -d filename.pic > detailed.txt

This will give you a pretty detailed output of what evalglare predicts including solid angle and position factors for each identified glare source.



Hi Alstan,

Do you have any suggestions on how to associate colored glare sources in pic file with numbered glare sources in evalglare txt output? For instance if there are 4 glare sources numbered 1-4, how do I know which one is which in the picture?

Thank you,


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