Hi Diva Team,

My question is about shading control simulation. In the simulation performed the model had  two different states of shading control ( shading device fully Open and fully closed).

I had  chosen  mechanical type and manual operation for the shading system. In this case, shading device should always been closed when DGP is above 0.4.

 However this is not happening. If we analyze the Daysim Report it is possible to verify that  values of DGP are above 0.4 in January, February, March, October, November and December.  However shading device are not closing at this time.  Daysim report shows : Shading Group 1  is opening 100% of occupied hours. Any idea what may be wrong in this simulation?


Any help will be greatly appreciated

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Hello Daniela,

In the "Metrics" menu, you need to select "Use DGP Schedules." This is a little awkwardly placed in the interface, and I apologize about that. The "Manual" control alone only closes when direct sunlight hits a control sensor.



Hi Alstan,

Thanks for your replay! It was pretty helpful.

Best, Daniela

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