I have tried simulated the Point-in-Time glare and figured out something strange in the results and do not understand the result picture as below: 

  • The result txt file cannot output some results with the following message: 
    "dgp,dgi,ugr,vcp,cgi,Lveil: 0.024453 -1.#INF00 -1.#INF00 100.000000 -1.#INF00 0.000000"
    Does the occurence #INF00 mean the simulation has some errors so that the result is not reliable ?

  • Also, some result txt file have negative values: 
    "dgp,dgi,ugr,vcp,cgi,Lveil: 0.005039 -14.788843 -14.595437 100.000000 -11.348439 0.000956"
    Does it mean errors in the model so that the result is not reliable too?!

  • Refer to the attached photos, there are different colors in the picture. Is there any meaning of different colors appeared in photos (Color.PNG)

  • As some result showed that the dgp is 100%, however, no any color indicated on the photos such as intolerable.PNG and intolerable2.PNG. Is there any error occur during the simulation so that no highlighted color in the pictures?

Thank you very much!!!!!

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