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I just started using diva for grasshopper and I'm trying to run a illuminance simulation in order to get the LEED Daylight credit (option two). The problem is that the results seems strange, once in a point inside the building it shows results like 48028 lux and around that point, there are values like 5300 lux, (which make much more sense, considering the geometry). The geometry is a triangular shaped building with glass curtain. I've already tried to remake the floor, the walls, the ceiling and the grid.

Do you know how could I fix that?

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The results may not be strange if those nodes are in direct sunlight and the nodes farther into the room are not, maybe run a quick visulization from a location in the room at the same time of year you are simulating and check if all the geometry is being rendered propery and where the sun is penetrating.

Hi Jeff, thanks for your fast reply! After run a visualization I was able to see that the materials wasn't well assigned.



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