Students license not working for either DIVA in Grasshopper or DIVA-4.0 in Rhino

Dear all,

Maybe you can help me,

I am having error in DIVA for rhino, after saving student license in folder C:\DIVA\diva.lic it still doesnt work and i still get msg that valid license is not found...

In grasshopper i get different msg (see attached files) but also, that license is not found...

Is there any way to fix this? 
Running auto-update exe ( C:\DIVA\bin\DIVA-Update-Checker.exe ) doesn't react to anything (I double click or run as administrator, but it doesn't react..)

Any ideas? Help... :) Thank you... :)

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Hi Aija,

I removed your cross-posting in other threads. Its just slightly bad etiquette.

I just sent you a new license file with instructions.


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