Suddenly...I get 'TargetInvocationException' for Archsim components in Grasshopper

Anybody having new trouble with Archsim components????

I have been using Archsim for a few things lately (an understatement...I'm trying to finish simulations for a paper deadline today). 

To my frustration, upon loading grasshopper I got 'TargetInvocationException' errors for most (but not all) of the Archsim components. I had installed a recent DIVA update while doing some daylight analysis and supposed that the update caused the issue. 

I reverted to my old install (DIVAforRhino- and also reinstalled grasshopper because I had a bunch of stuff installed that I wasn't using. Archsim came back after this but the Zone Network Component stopped working for basically anything, even models that worked absolutely fine before and successfully simulated. The Zone Network Component was giving an exception error except it didn't elaborate why. If someone knows of a debug mode where I can actually read the entirety of the error that would be great, because it doesn't respond to clicking like normal bubbles.

After this frustration, I installed the newest version of DIVA (DIVAforRhino- and I'm back to the 'TargetInvocationException' errors with most of the Archsim components. 

I've attached the last batch of 'TargetInvocationException' errors so that the exact components are clear. 

Any help would be appreciated!!

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I reverted again to my old installation and Archsim came back, but the Networker still isn't working. It's definitely an install problem because the Networker isn't working on the example files either.

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