the grasshopper sunpath component doesn't work on Rhino 6.  Is there a way to fix this?  Attached are screen shots.  Thanks, Shihab

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Unfortunately this is a known issue with the VRAY plugin.

If you have Vray installed, the following steps have worked for some users to restore the sun path functionality in DIVA for Rhino 6.
1. Uninstall the vray grasshopper plugin by deleting the vray.gha file, it is often located here by default:
....\Program Files\Chaos Group\V-Ray\V-Ray for Rhinoceros 6
Doing this first will allow you to disable the Vray for Rhino plugin without causing it to crash when grasshopper is loaded again (this appears to be a vray conflict).
2. Temporarilly disable the Vray plugin,
Type pluginmanager in the command line and uncheck Vray.
3. Close Rhino and reopen and load grasshopper. The sun path component in DIVA 4 should work (confirm that the display mode DivaSunPath6 has been enabled by default).
Sorry to say that we don't have a time frame when this issue may be fixed.

Thanks Jeff,

this works.  Not a bad solution as I neither use vray for grasshopper and I don't have to install vray.  Thanks again,


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