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I am doing some studies for an architectural project with multiple buildings on a non-flat site so I  was wondering if there's a way to cast shadows on a surface(s) other than regular rendered ground plane?



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The only way I made it work was by un-installing vRay 3.6.

I think it's a bug with the newer rendering engine. Perhaps Jon or someone from DIVA may help us...


Hmm, in an ideal world switching to Rhino Render would be enough, with or without vRay installed.  But it's possible that vRay makes persistent changes to scene lights and/or display settings.

Hello all, I am having the same issue with the dark background.any update on a solution for this other than reinstalling Vray? I also have Vray 3.60 installed. 


Jiří Šmejkal said:


Same for me as for Berardo. Screen is dark, shadows arent visible. I find out that, in fact shadows are there, but rarely visible. I changed colour of shadows in Diva sun path display properties and than it was possible to see in strong colours like blue, white, red. But nothing works easy, clean and very nice as is in youtube videos etd. I have Vray3.6 but my curent renderer was Rhino render. Rh.5 sr14. Any suggestion?

Good day, 

new year, same problem.Any news? 

Rhino 5, V-Ray 36003 DIVA 4108

Berardo Matalucci said:

Hello John, 

Thanks for you're suggestions. I have a trouble with SunPath component. I updated vRay to 3.6 version and before SunPath Shadow in Grasshopper was working just fine.

Although I am using Rhino as the render engine, I still cannot see any shadows on the ground and the display setting is all dark.  

please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks in advance.


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