Hi everyone,

I am trying to use DIVA for grasshopper to develop a sun-view study.  This type of study is one where the camera is placed in the position of the sun, with a parallel projection camera, and the target of the camera is the center of the sunpath.  There are lots of uses for this type of study, since everything you see in the image will be "seen" by the sun and be directly lit, while whatever you don't see in the image will not be in direct sun.

My intuition is that I could use the Sun Path component to do this, since it already can track the sun position for specific dates and times.  However, since the path is not an actual object in Rhino, I cannot attach a camera to it. 

Can anyone think of a way of doing this?

Thank you!

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The Sun Path does output the solar vector, but you'd be better off using the lighter-weight Sun Position component, which lives for this purpose.

The one trick is getting the up vector of the camera correct, but you can use a cross product for this:


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