Hi Alstan and other co-users of DIVA-for-GH,

I started out to make my own mesh trimming component, but took a liking the compact one that you've made (the 'Grid' component) - but I have an issue with it, that you can probably shed som light on:

When applied with a gradient color, I have to run it through a Delaunay triangulation in order to illustrate the results - the mesh produced by the Grid component will not work with the mesh coloration component (see illustration). The problem with the triangulation is that it interpolates data, where there is none otherwise (i.e. it put data in the areas trimmed away by the Grid component)

Do you have a trick to make it work with the mesh generated by the Grid component and illustrate the results on that mesh, without the Delaunay component? (: Cheers!

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Hi Alf,

It does work if you use the custom preview component, but the Grid component breaks (producing irregular triangles) when you trim the buildings out of the ground plane sadly. You can see this by turning on the preview for the grid component.



Hi Alstan,

I know that the Grip component triangulate around trimmed surfaces but what I find odd is, that I cannot use the mesh generated by the Grid component with the results calculated on that very mesh. Instead, I have to find the center points of each [Grid component] mesh cell and further triangulate* (Delauney meshing) those points into a second mesh whereupon I can visualize results made on the initially generated Grid component mesh. This is with the MCol component mind you. Custom Preview works fine, but feature other problems in regards to visualization.

I know that I'm using the Grid component in an unusual way and perhaps in a way that it is not made for and this is merely my own consideration and thoughts on its use (:

*By applying the Delauney component to the Grid component mesh points, I get interpolated datasets (as Delauney mesh 'fills' out the trimmed holes in the Grid component mesh).

Hi Alf,

Yes -- the grid component is made to be used with the custom preview as in the DIVA toolbar -- to create individually colored cells. It isn't suited for interpolation. Probably better in your case is to use the Mesh component directly on your trimmed surface and use its vertices as sensor nodes. You can control the mesh by right clicking on the "S" input and choosing SET MESH PARAMETERS. You can basically force it to create a set number of divisions which forms a nearly perfect grid across your BREP.


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