Thermal model: adding new contruction and glazing type to the database

Hello everyone

I was wondering if there exists a manual how to add a new construction and a new glazing type to the existing database.

If not, it would be at least helpful if somebody could name the files (and the folders they are in) I would have to augment.

What type of information about the glazing is required?

Thank you in advance for your answer



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Hello Caroline,

In the c:\DIVA\Thermal\Rhino\04_material_construction.idf you can edit or add to new constructions.

For example the DIVA-Thermal construction Glazing_DoublePane_LowE is actually represented as one material in EnergyPlus named "Simple Glazing_DoublePane_LowE,

    Glazing_DoublePane_LowE,              !- Name
    Simple Glazing_DoublePane_LowE;     !- Outside Layer

This is represented in the most simple way possible (the DOE reference buildings use the same method) as,

WindowMaterial:SimpleGlazingSystem,               !- Simple glazing material used to define an entire glazing system
   Simple Glazing_DoublePane_LowE,                !- Name
   1.63,                                          !- U-value W/m2/K
   .28,                                           !- Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
   .65;                                           !- Visible Transmittance

So that is the bare minimum you can do. The materials referenced by the construction can hold more information as shown in the detailed example below,

    Clear Glazing 3MM,
    .003,                       !   Th:  Thickness (m)
    .884,                     !   Ts:  Solar Transmittance at Normal Incidence
    .075,                     !   Rfs: Front Side Solar Reflectance at Normal Incidence
    .075,                     !   Rbs: Back Side Solar Reflectance at Normal Incidence
    .884,                     !   Tv:  Visible Transmittance at Normal Incidence
    .081,                     !   Rfv: Front Side Visible Reflectance at Normal Incidence
    .081,                     !   Rbv: Back Side Visible Reflectance at Normal Incidence
    .0,                         !   Tir: Infrared Transmittance at Normal Incidence
    .84,                     !   Ef:  Front Side Infrared Hemispherical Emissivity
    .84,                     !   Eb:  Back Side Infrared Hemispherical Emissivity
    .9;                         !   Con: Conductivity {W/m-K}

and air gaps,

    Air 6MM,                 !- Name
    Air,                     !- Gas Type
    0.0063;                  !- Thickness {m}

Hope that is helpful.


Dear Alstan

Thank you for your response.

Just to get it right for the opaque constructions:

Every material I use within a construction needs to be defined in the same  file (and just there) under "EnergyPlus materials".

As for the glazings: I understand that it is only possible to define the values for the normal incidence. No angular dependent values are used. Is that right?

There are two possibilities to define a window-glazing:

a) the simple way, by defining the u-value, the SHGC and the visible transmittance

b) the more detailed way, by definig every layer of the window (e. g. glazing, air, glazing). Every layer has to be defined in "Windowmaterial glazing".

I would be glad if you could tell me if my assumptions are right.

Thank you in advance. Regards


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