Dear DIVA community,

I'm trying to test a very simple building geometry using the Thermal Single-Zone analysis. However, I'm always getting the following error

Source: Rhino Script

Error: Type mismatch in parameter. String required.

Line: 538

Char: 5


Below are the latest several lines of  Rhino scripts on the console:

Command: Metrics
C:\DIVA\temp\TestBuilding_v1\TestBuilding_v1.idf has been created.
File C:\DIVA\temp\TestBuilding_v1\TestBuilding_v1_intgain.csv exists. Using schedules generated by the last DAYSIM simulation run from this file.
Export: Exporting adiabatic geometry present in scene.
Export: Exporting ceiling  / roof geometry present in scene.
Export: Exporting floor geometry present in scene.
Export: Exporting wall geometry present in scene.
Export: No shading geometry present in scene.
Command: Join
Surface join in progress... Press Esc to cancel
6 surfaces or polysurfaces joined into 2 open polysurfaces.

Command: _Enter

I"m using the very latest Rhino and Diva software versions. I've read the previous discussions to solve this problem but cannot find an explanation for this type of problem. I also conduct some checks on the model, such as surface normals, thermal material layers assignments, scale of the building geometry. But none of these worked. I'll be happy to get some feedback regarding this issue. Please see the attached Rhino model file. Thank you for your help!


Omer T. Karaguzel, Ph.D.

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Hi Omer,

Attached is a corrected version of your model. There were three problems. (1) I removed your 'adiabatic' ground plane. Thermal models do not need and should not have any sort of plane that extends outside of the building which would usually be a thermal surface. (2) Windows always need to be nested within a wall surface. This is all explained on our thermal analysis page. (3) I assigned a window material to your window surface.

All the best,



Hi Alstan,

Many thanks for your help and advises as well. The update model is now running without any errors. I have a quick question. I realize that window surface assigned to "ep_window" layer is overlapping with the opaque wall surface underneath, they are coincident. Is this also works for defining window geometry? I was trying to cut a hole on the exterior wall surface and place a separate window surface in this location. I was using Rhino's "split" function. But I have the concern that this creates polysurfaces or surface which are non-convex. I'll be glad to have some feedback from you.

Thank you.

Omer T. Karaguzel, PhD

Hi Omer,

For DIVA-Thermal, just make windows coincident with continuous walls. The software will take care of the rest. This mimics the way that EnergyPlus defines windows in walls internally. For daylight simulations, you need to model in a 'what you see is what you get' method.



Thank you, Alstan. It is great to know about this functionality.



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