Hi Experts,

For one educational project, I am trying to evaluate the effect of thick water wall on daylight distribution inside a room.

this water wall is oriented to the south with thickness about 25 cm.

I have defined a dielectric material in radiance for Water as this:

void dielectric Water



5 0.8695 0.8695 0.8695 1.33 0

#red_transmissivity  green_transmissivity   blue_transmissivity   index_of_refraction   0

Therefore, I defined 2 surfaces for front and back and since there is just one layer of dielectric, I don't need using any interface material. But the direction of these surface is very tricky. both directions have to be toward outside (?)

should I rotate them inside in reverse ray tracing???  The resultant values are significantly different.

any comments would be really helpful for me. 
thanks in advance.

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Apologies for coming back so late to you. In terms of the dielectric, the normals should I believe be oriented outside of the water wall (away from the presumed body of water). The most explicit mention of this is probably from Schorsch.



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