Time problem with radiation map in Daylight Grid-Based metrics

Dear all,
I have 3 different questions.
I am trying to calculate direct sun light on hospital rooms (direct sun shine on the bed and floor). I used Diva for Rhino and and I made the radiation map in Daylight Grid-Based metrics. Since I only need the direct sun I used -ab 0 but I got very interesting results. I used the times 9am- 12 pm and tried 6am-7am, 6am-8am, 6am-9am ... but results are not correct to me and when ever I tried the time starting from 12 pm to any hour (12.30, 13.00 ...) it shows no  daylight at all. I attached results in the attachment. 
I think there is a problem with the hours that the program understanding it like it is night but I dont know how to solve this. Could you please help me out with this?  
Also I tried to use diva for grasshopper but this time I cannot make a direct sun calculation like in diva for rhino that I could change the -ab 0. Is there a way to do this in Diva for Grasshopper?  
I do not need the power for the sunlight which I can calculate with Diva but I need the sun shine because I am trying to prove that the room in an hospitals can arrange in a better way that the bed does not have the direct sun so it is not hitting the persons face who is lying there. Do anyone know how I can do it?
Thank you, 
Ezgi Kocyigit

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