How can I track how long Diva took to run a simulation. The command window closes, but I want to track how effective my changes are to making the simulation run faster before I shoot off a whole batch

thanks!! :)

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Hi Renna,

I have this problem myself sometimes. I often use a little program called TimeMem. You can run it directly on the DIVA batch files which are located in c:\DIVA\Temp\RhinoFileName\ to test different outcomes. Unfortunately there is no way to do this directly from the DIVA interface.



Thanks for the tip...

Can one also augment the Radiance parameters   ?


Send error messages and progress reports to efile instead of the standard error.

Hi Renna,

Yes, but the method depends on the simulation type. If you are running a rendering or a point-in-time (illuminance, daylight factor) simulation, you can edit the parameters in the batch file directly with a text editor. Find and replace can be helpful, especially in the case of images. If you are running a climate-based simulation, you will need to edit the .hea file directly as the Radiance parameters are not contained in the batch file itself.



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