I'm trying to run an annual daylight analysis through grasshopper and i need the analysis to take into consideration some trees and external vertical sticks of the facade, but everytime the results are unreasonbly high. The sDA is always 100% and the ASE does not drop lower than 60. I followed the conversation about the material of the trees but it I was a bit confused so I am not sure if the material is correct, and the problem is that the trees are deciduous so i tried to use a medium transmittance since the analysis is annual (7 0.8 0.8 0.8 0 0 0.32 1). For the vertical sticks i used the external cladding material. You can see in the photo the model to get an idea. I also set the "rhino scene" as true in order to take into consideration all the objects in rhino with assigned materials. What can be possibly going wrong?

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