I'm doing an "illuminance" analysis. Everything works perfectly fine as long as the plane which defines the position of the "light" component is an xy plane. But whenever I tilt the plane around x or y i get more or less zero illuminance...

1) plane all flat, everthing fine

2) plane tilted, almost zero illuminance

3)plane tilted, pointing somewher, but working ?!

Does anyone has any ideas of what could be the reason for that? It seems that the luminous distribution as shown in the viewport is not corresponding to the vectors DIVA uses for the simulation.

Thanks, Julian

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Indeed, looks odd.  Can you post the file?

Hi Jon!

sure, here is a simplified version, but still, same problem. I also tried different .ies files. Thanks for having a look at it.



Do you know what causes be the problem by now? 

Everything else works just perfectly for me now. Except the issue with the tilted plane...

thanks! Julian

Jon Sargent said:

Indeed, looks odd.  Can you post the file?


ok, I think I figured out what's the problem, or at least how to work with it... Basically I just had to mirror the plane for the "light" as seen in the grasshopper description

The preview of the "luminous distribution" is still wrong, therefore I have the "vector display" command. Hopefully I could help you.


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