Does anyone have a workflow to describe how to include a tubular daylighting device (e.g. Solatube) in a daylight calc?  In this case a LEED calc.  I am not proficient in Radiance so I'm wondering if there are any tutorials on how to include Solatube's .ies files in Diva.  e.g. defining the physical TDD geometry & adding a new material or definition to the material.rad file?


Thanks you in advance!

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Hi Kostas,

That is not possible unfortunately, especially since right now DIVA cannot output pure Radiance primitives (such as cylinders and spheres) -- only polygons.

What simulation parameters are you using for that 18 hour effort?



Ok, I see. Actually I used the parameters that you proposed in the tutorial but now I went back to the default parameters and it goes much quicker.

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