Hi everyone,
I'm working on daylight optimization of two similar rooms by assessing the result of a number of strategies to reflect sunlight more efficiently into the space. To do so, I need to export the numeric ILL file that consist the 8760 illuminance data of every node annually. There are 140 nodes in each room so I have a total of 280 nodes.The exported results, however, seem to have the data of one of  ONE of the nodes only. I guess the problem might be related to the data tree but I just can't solve it !!!

I have also turned the "export ill file" to "TRUE" and used "WRITE TO EXCEL" component from TT tool box but the excel file only have 8760 number of individual illuminance results. I have tried adding a loop to "grid viewer" to extend the results but it is not working again!

I would appreciate if anyone could help me with that 

Tags: ILL file, UDI results, daylight optimization

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