For local certification purpose, I need to calculate UDI larger than 40%, 50% and 60%. However DIVA 4 only let me know the values for UDI larger than 50%. How can I get the result for the other parameters?

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Dear Tamara,

I've been away from the forum for much too long, and I apologize that no one answered your question. Being that so much time has passed, this is likely no longer useful to you; however, I would still like to respond.

I suppose you are referring to the Daysim report which reads as, "Useful Daylight Illuminance (UDI): The percentage of the space with a UDI<100-2000lux larger than 50% is 73% for active occupant behavior." First of all, this uses a very outdated notion of UDI where autonomous was 100-2000 lx. The Daysim engine never updated this, but nowadays the thresholds are as follows:

  • Underlit: <100
  • Supplemental: 100-300
  • Autonomous: 300-3000
  • Exceeded: >3000

Anyways, the actual results files in DIVA reflect these thresholds. You can use Excel pretty quickly to find the answers--see below.



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