I consistently encountered the following error message while the simulation (i.e. daylight -> lux) approaches to an end or I try to reload a metric. I could not set the max and min for the legend when I load the metric file. For instance, my max and min would be 4000 and 42000 lux for my daylight grid-based analysis (point in time). I can't even load the file if I set the min and max to 4000 and 42000 and the following message will pop up. However, if I set the max and min for the legend to 300 and 2000  (default value?), I am still able to load the metric but there is not colour gradient as everything is represented by red as everything exceeds the max in the legend.

Please help......

Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error

Error: overflow:'Chart'

Char: 2



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Hi Sunny -- can you post the file you are having problems with? Also, which version of DIVA are you running (check in your Add or Remove Programs window).

Thank you,


Hi Alstan,

I have uploaded a screenshot of the file to the last post, can't upload the file as your site has size limit. Is this problem partially caused by large file size and complex geometry. The file size is about 18mb.



Hi Sunny,

Thank you for the screenshot. This bug was fixed in our latest versions of DIVA. In the version you are using, the scale cannot go beyond 32,767 -- the upper range of the integer type in VB. Entering a value less than or equal to 32,767 should avoid the error.



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