Hi all,

I am currently trying out DIVA4.0, and I use the visualization component in GH.

As you can see from the image I attached, the raytracing process jumps from 68.25% to 100% suddenly, same as which is in the Final Pass process.

I suppose same thing happens in DIVA3.0.

So I am just curious, is DIVA trying to ignore some unnecessary part of calculation by default? Or the percentage just shows an estimation time for the calculation?

And if possible, can anyone explain what exactly DIVA is trying to do in the Final Pass process?

Thanks in advance!



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Hi Horus,

The use of two passes allows DIVA to fill an indirect lighting cache before computing a final image.

The % completion values reflect the number of rays in the image that have returned values.  It's normal for this measure of progress not to scale linearly with time.



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