Hi DIVA experts, 

I am having trouble with DIVA simulation result. I have got some really unrealistic result (like illuminance value) with my model. I am presenting my project as below, please comment on the setting or input data to help me spot the mistake. Thank you very much! Appreciate your input and effort. 

The model is a simple 4x6 m box geometry with venetian blinds of slat angle 30,60,and 90 degrees. The location is Copenhagen DK. 

The material setting is shown as below:

The shading control is mechanic --> manual control

This is my simulation setting for illuminance value at 09-21-15.

However, I have got some really unrealistic result. For example about illuminance point-in-time at 09-21-15, with shading, I got mean illuminance value of 5576.4 lux! It is just incredible with such high value! (I am sure the roof is included in the simulation)

PLEASE help me to spot the mistake or anything that could be changed to correct the result. Thank you very much!

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What makes you say the result is unrealistic?  Looks fine to me -- the high mean illuminance is due to direct sun streaming through the window, producing > 20,000 lux at the red sensors.

Re dynamic shading, note that this is for annual (climate based) simulations.  For a point-in-time run, DIVA will simply include whatever layers are visible.  So, you should turn on only one of your shade-state layers at a time, or none if you want the blinds-up condition.  Also, note that "SheetMetal" is basically a mirror, so I'd pick a different material...


Hi Jon,

Thank you very for your answering, I see what do you mean now. 

The reason why I said the result does not make sense is because that I have activated the shading system, however, in the result, the shading is totally not into account.

For example , this is my daysim report:

From the shading schedule, you can clearly see that the shading group is not activated. 

Do you know what can be the reason for this?


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