I am trying to run an optimization with multiple objectives (UDI+DGP), however, it takes really long time to run the simulation. 

I have just simplified to a single objective optimization, where UDI is the main focus. But my result still does not converge.

Does anyone have experience of working with DIVA and Galapagos?  Could you please give me some suggestion? Should I increase my variables? or have a bigger max.  stagnant and population number in Galapagos?

I attached my file below, if you are interested in. 




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Hi Li,

Galapagos is a mono-objective GA. You can optimize one objective function first and then chose the solution you consider best to optimize another objective function in a second run.



You could try to use a more efficient algorithm, such as RBFOpt (included in Opossum) ;-)

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