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The question here is, if integration is our way to analyze what is really happening from outside to inside of any architectural space, how could we use solar radiation as a basic info toward our destination to have a better thermal comfort? The process we're talking about here as the destination is from a base solar gain on our facade which is covered by solar energy glass, we want to use the solar incident in thermal transfer through the room in other programs like CFD or SolidWorks. What we need here is the Time of sun radiated on facade, defined from 09:00 to 15:00, we need materials' thermal behavior which will be attached to CFD model, and we need heat source which is the glass has been warmed up, but how can we or by which formula we can verify our facade temperature difference happened to add to our model as heat source? Actually I'm looking for a basic info if we have our radiation on facade,then figure out the temperature on glass to make it as a source for thermal analysis in next level!

Now I myself got doubt about the process above, but any bit of help will be appreciated.

(The Project attached is Setareh-Arman, more info + Analysis Scenario will be On later. by Previously thanks to DIVA)

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Hi there,

First of all you can run such an analysis in Energy Plus, but Energy plus calculates solar gains in its own way.

If you want to do some simple calculations I suggest to have a look in Szokolay's book "Introduction to Architectural Science".

The heat flow through an element will be Q=A*U*(Tsa-Ti) where Tsa is the sol air temperature and Ti is the internal temperature. Now Tsa is equal to To + G *a/h where To is the external temperature, G is the solar radiation, a is the surface absorptance and h is surface conductance.


Hi Kostas,

That was what I really Looking for, I actually was following the pattern you pointed for making my simulations more useful to suggest our glass detail construction and visualize the impacts from each elevations, BTW thanks again for your advisement.

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