It would be helpful if there were Value List components for Material, Quality, Sky, Location, and any other dropdown input.  This would allow for additional parametric control of the simulation setup and make it possible to automate the running of various scenarios.  Any plans for this?

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Hi Scott,

Something like this had crossed my mind, though my initial thought was to have the dropdown parameters themselves interpret integer inputs as indices.  Can you say a bit more about how you'd use the lists?



First off thanks for those other updates.  Looking forward to implementing the grid transformations.  

Having the dropdown parameters as separate components would be helpful for a number of things:

1.  Using the input (say for sky type) as a text input for a component displaying simulation parameters in the viewport.  Same would apply to location.

2.  Iterating through different material types for a particular system such as the glazing.  This would allow for the automation of iterating through the different types.  

3.  Coordinating inputs between components.  This would be nice for location and possibly sky type to ensure that all shared inputs match.  

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