Hi everyone,

I'm trying to run the LEED daylighting study. I've set up all the nodes but when I then attempt to add materials, i get the following error:

Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error

Error: path not found

Line: 27

Char: 1


Any thoughts as to what the issue is?

Running DIVA on Rhino v5

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I am having the same problem have you managed to resolve it? 

Hi Zach and Clare,

This error usually means that the local materials file has not been created. It should be when you run the 'Location' command, so perhaps try re-running the command. If that doesn't help, let me know.



Thanks Alstan, I'll give that a shot. I moved on to a different building model and was eventually able to get everything worked out and run a successful simulation.

I'll be running a few more this weekend, including on the model I received the error with, so hopefully your suggestion will solve the issue. I'll let you know.



It looks like that was the issue. Thanks very much Alstan.

Have you had much luck running grid-based simulations in tandem? I was hoping to split up a model and run things in multiple rhino sessions but ran into another error. Type mismatch, line 125.

Hi Zach,

It is possible to do so, but you have to keep two things in mind:

1. After renaming the Rhino file, re-run the 'Location' command to setup a new temporary files directory.

2. Make sure that the filenames are unique BEFORE the first space. For example 'Test 01.3dm' and 'Test 02.3dm' will both try to write to a folder called 'Test'. If the names are 'Test01.3dm' and 'Test02.3dm', both will get their own temporary directories and you should have no issues.



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