Hi all,

I used to use diva 3.0 on Rhino. In there when I simulate daylight Availability it gives a colored grid that can be viewed in black and white as well.

but now that I am using Diva for grasshopper 4.0 I could not find an option to view the grid in black and white.

is there a way to change that option in diva or should I find another way using grasshopper's other components?

Thanks in advance and Best Regards,


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Hi Ahmad,

The easiest way would be to expose the Faces output of the Grid Viewer component, and color the faces using Grasshoppers's Gradient and MeshColour components:


For daylight availability, note that the Gradient component lets you set discontinuities.  So to color the negative values magenta, double click on the 0% node and set the "ColourLeft" parameter:

Thank you very much Jon, it worked very well.



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