I wonder if there is any particular command in DIVA to increase pixel density of the visualized image...I need high quality images, but each time I increase resolution of the image, the *.pic file end up with error, so it nither saved nor opened in DIVA wxFalsecolor.

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Hi Veronika,

Theoretically if your visualization runs with the default resolution input of "800 600" it should run with any larger combination of two numbers. What are you typing in as the input?



I am typing 4500 2700 and at the end it wrote "memory error" but I need even bigger size for my reserch.

That is very curious! Does it make the error as soon as the simulations starts? The image output should not have an impact on the memory used as Radiance functions in a scanline manner... at least as far as I understand it. I tested to see how far I could go in terms of image resolution on my computer. 4500 x 2700 worked sans issue. I typed in 30000 x 15000 for kicks, and also no problems.

Could you run a simulation that gets the error, and then zip your C:\DIVA\Temp\RhinoFileName\ folder and e-mail it to me at alstan@solemma.net?



Hi Alstan, I`ve sent the files to your email.

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