what is the U-value of double pane glazing which is accessed through ArchSim library?


I conducted some simulations a while ago and now that I am writing a paper on it, I am going back to find the U-value of the glazing that I used for my simulation. I saved a screenshot of the settings (attached) but I cannot find the U-value of the glazing type that I used. I appreciate any help in this regard!



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I have an open question in the discussion board, so I'm hoping that giving you some help will bring me good karma!

If you can find the file, the easiest way to figure out the exact U-value for an assembly is to find the EnergyPlus .idf file from your original simulation. You can open this file in the IDF editor program that is part of your EnergyPlus installation. The glazing system will be a 'Construction' made from layers of 'Materials,' which the EnergyPlus system are where thermal properties and thickness are specified. Figure out which layers are in your construction and then you can use their conductivity and thickness to find their composite U-value. 

You can also get these values from grasshopper if you export the ArchSim material libraries from the Library component into .csv files. If you haven't changed your constructions since then, you'll see which settings you've been using.

Hope this helps -


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