White ground plane and colored facades in DIVA Visualization render


I was wondering if there was any way to render the ground plane white and the facades a bit of an off-white.  It seems when picking one of the default materials for the ground plane (outside ground 20% reflectance) the ground plane renders grey.  Likewise, the outside facades render white.  I essentially wanted to capture the essence of the shadows based on the sky condition (sunny vs cloudy) without photoshopping the ground plane out.



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If you just want to use DIVA as a Radiance visualization interface, you could just tweak the default materials to your liking by editing the material.rad file in the DIVA folder. As correct simulation results, though, rely on properly assumed reflectance values, I think getting both pretty viz's and simulations with the same material assignments might be tricky!


Thanks for the quick reply, Max!  I found the material.rad file in the Daylighting folder.  However, I'm unsure as to how to edit/add materials to the library.  Also, I was looking at some of your renderings and they are quite lovely.  Did you render those images in Vray or DIVA while overlaying an illuminance or daylighting analysis?



You can just copy a material in the text file, rename it and modify the RGB reflectance values:

# material name: GenericFloor_20PercentReflectance
# material type: opaque
# comment: This is a purely diffuse reflector with a standard floor reflectivity of 20%.  
# author: Christoph Reinhart
void plastic GenericFloor_20PercentReflectance
5 0.2 0.2 0.2 0 0             <---- the 2nd to 4th number is the reflectance for the plastic material! If not all the same, you get non-grey material. There's a link to more resources on the materials on the DIVA wiki, too.

You're welcome, and thanks for liking the models; in fact those are photographs of physical models which were rapid prototyped on a Zcorp machine, which can print in color, too :) It's the UDI 100 - 2000 metrics. I'll add more from this semester's work once they're done.



Thanks again, Max!  I found a material for "white paint" on this website (http://www.designlaboratory.com/computing/tools/radiance/radmatlib....) and used it for the ground plane.

I wish UT Austin had a Zcorp machine.  That is amazing!  Good luck with your future endeavors!



Well, the power of universities lies with its people.. (or so one hopes :)

.. alas, a Zcorp helps, too.

Good luck to you, too, and do share what you create with DIVA!


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