Why daylight autonomy is 0 without dynamic shading activated?

Hi DIVA experts,

I have run the daylight coefficient file included the dynamic shading layers.

But when I run the Daylight Autonomy with the shading control system set to 'no dynamic shading', the daylight autonomy result is 0 all over the working surface plane (0.9m above the floor).

Any possible reason for this?

Do I need to re-run the daylight coefficient file every time when I change the shading control system?

Thank you! I am appreciate if anyone could help me.


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Hi Yanting,

Apologies for the late reply. You should be able to re-use the coefficient in that case, but it appears something may be going wrong. One option would be to hide your dynamic shading geometry and to re-run the DC file. Do you still receive 0 values after that?


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