I'm having problems with the annual daylight component going red and giving me an error message whenever I connect it to the daylight model window component. This is the error message:

0. Write failed.
4 manual shades
0 auto shades
0 custom shades
manual sensor ray count = 1583
Denna pipe har avslutats.

Denna pipe har avslutats.

raytrace loop encountered a break at 1
Run complete.
Results directory: C:\Users\marku\Documents\DIVA\GH_Data\Temp\AnnualDaylight

I've done this type of simulation several times before without any problems and I suspect that that this problem might have sometghing to do with the new local PC that i'm using right now. I'm using Windows 10 x64, Rhino v5 SR13, GH 0.9.0076 and DIVA (I've tried updating to but nothing changes). I've tried narrowing down what's causing the problem and these are som observations:

- Everything runs perfectly fine whenever I set the Shade to "Noshade"

- When choosing "RollerShade_Autogenerate" it works with manual blinds ONLY if the analysis grid offset is high enough to push the grid above the arrow/vector of the windows indicating the direction. This seems to work regardless of scale but is of little use to me since thesensors are way to high up.

- When choosing Auto blinds It seems to work if the model scale is small enough. The grid offset seems to have no impact on whether or not it works.

I'm very confused as to what is causing this problem. I've tried imperial and metric units but it didn't make any difference. I noticed that the GH error message is partly in "swedish" which I've never ever seen in GH before (I'm in sweden right now working on a friends PC installed with swedish language) . Could this possibly be what's causing the problem? I've attached a rhino and GH file so if someone could have a go at it and see if it runs on another pc that would be greatly appriciated.


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Try setting your system's decimal separator to a period ("."). (Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Change date, time, or number formats > Additional Settings...)

That did the job! Thanks for making my day!

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