This is my first attempt at adding shades in a diva/grasshopper model and I am getting some errors.  Hoping for some guidance!

The Window Viewer is giving me the following error:

"Input parameter Window failed to collect data."

Also note there is an error in the Out part of the Daylight component referencing software version.

What should I be looking for?

One other question regarding adding shades.  I currently have it set up as Manual but these will be automated.  Is there a tutorial for how to set up the inputs for Automatic shades?

Thank you!


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Hi Sandy,

The Window output may be empty if there is no shading geometry ("NoShade") assigned to the Window input.  At least this was the case in earlier revisions of the software.  If you run the auto update* that should correct itself.  This will also take care of the version warning. 

As for automated shades, that's easy.  Just set the Shade Control (SC) input to Auto.


*Update notifications should pop up in your system tray when you restart your machine, or if you manually double click C:\DIVA\bin\DIVA-Update-Checker.exe.  Run them!

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