I am currently modelling a simple shoebox with one window. I would like to be able to 'open' the window at certain times of the day.

Whether I use the window setting on the canvas or in the component, toggling the zone mix to on seems not to influence the energy performance of the room, i.e. the used heating energy need will stay the same.  If the ambient temp is lower than the indoor temp, then the heating energy need should become higher and not stay the same.

Is there a simple setting to 'open' the window or is this more complicated than that?


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Slightly more complicated. I assume you would like to open the window for natural ventilation.

You would have to turn on natural ventilation in the zone settings and then you can provide an availability schedule to control when the window can be opened.

Thanks Timur. So if I have only one zone with one window, the 'zone mixing' settings should be on off (since it won't give any differences) and then one of the two modes of natural ventilation can be chosen in this case (one zone); scheduled, wind and stack?

yes you can choose both at the same time if you like. the wind model assumes you can cross ventilate - even if you just modeled one window

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