Dear all,

I am new to daylight simulation and just downloaded DIVA to try my luck.

I followed the MIT tutorials but I wonder what is the workflor for LEED v4 sDA and ASE simulation? Like a step by step instruction.

I used the MIT reference office model and did a trail run as follow.

1. Selected location for weather file

2. Created nodes at the analyze plane

3. Assigned materials

4. Called LEED v4 metrics

I am not quite sure if I need to or how I can set up the dynamic shading part besides just calling for the LEED v4 metrics.

I did two runs, one with the window exposed and one with shade layer on. Despite that my computer failed to generated the HTML file (permission issue), the command bar in Rhino showed both simulation have the same results.

Please let me know if I am doing the right thing? I did not find any instructions on this forum that specifically talks about the steps. It would be grateful that you experts can shine some light on this newbie. >/p>

Thanks tonnes.


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Hi Crystal,

I think this is a case where seeing your Rhino file would help. Would you mind sharing it on the forum?

These two presentations (1, 2) might help give some context for you. Essentially, the LEED v4 calculations use a different setup (click Materials > Set LM-83 Controls), and will ignore other kinds of dynamic shading controls in the model, hence your similar results). In the latest version, you can use the Daysim conceptual shading OR a layer that contains shading geometry for the entire model.


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