Daylight Factor and Illuminance

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Daylight Factor

Metrics >> Daylight Grid Based >> Daylight Factor
A daylight factor is the ratio between exterior sky illuminance on an overcast day and illuminance inside a building. To run the metric, you must have first set up a sensor node grid using the Nodes button.

Metrics Menu: Daylight Factor

Since the sky condition is overcast, neither a sky condition nor a date and time for the calculation are needed. You have the option to manually change your Radiance parameters and the geometric density of your geometry.


Metrics >> Daylight Grid Based >> Point-in-Time Illuminance

Illuminance calculations are also called "point-in-time" calculations because unlike the annual, or climate-based metrics, illuminance calculations measure light levels at a specific date and time. Like Daylight Factor, you will need to set up the sensor node grid, using the Nodes button before you run this metric.

Metrics Menu: Point-in-Time Illuminance


(Lux, Footcandles)
Select your preferred lighting units

Solar Date and Time
(mm dd tt)
Enter a date and time for the calculation. To enter minutes use an integer followed by a decimal point. For example, if you want to run a test on September 21 at 9:15am. Enter "09 21 9.25".

For information on reloading previously-run metrics, see: LoadMetrics

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