Double Skin System Design, to Control Daylight; Based on Iranian Girih Geometry

Deep in a qualified complication, Iranian architecture geometry has been based upon disciplinary which defines a specified path from being exist to be completed. Adapted to this regularity, girih's parameters in element proportions and angles are getting involved to be controlled by geometry algorithms implementation. Hence, this research, probing "Hasht Chahar Lengeh" girih and its systematical geometry at first, then, depend on girih algorithm, controller skins developed by flexible structures for building openings. Designed double skins perform as a filter and examined from an integrated schema after checking weather data and materials. Influence of girih's geometry algorithm alteration on amount of received daylight, will be analyzed in three different dynamic modes for each skin. The impact distance of girih to daylight availability defines as special criteria for double skin opening. The procedure achieved by making relation between validated tools like "Radiance" and "Diva for Rhnio", which both releases data in Point Illuminance and daylight availability. By all means through this article's propose, handling the current unacceptable and non-scientific opening design is challenging. From this aspect; this Effort is researching about new ideas came out from scientific traditional issues toward solving the problems of current spaces. Calculated results and comparison among opening models with different impact distances, shows that, double skin openings came out from girih's geometry could be used as an option for designing adapted to visual comfort based upon differences within the depth of annually daylight infiltration in summer and winter. It's also suits to the spaces' functions could work properly for daylight controlling by defining the opening ratio between interior skin and exterior skin.

This Project Never Got Values Mentioned, if My Dear Friend Mohammad Moazzeni Weren't by to Work on!
Thanks Mohammad!

and Also this is my honor to thanks DIVA specially Alstan Jakubiec!

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