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DIVA and HDR photography workshops at PLEA 2016 in LA (July 10 & 13)

Solemma is announcing three lighting and energy performance workshops in collaboration with the Passive and Low Energy Architecture (PLEA) conference this year in Los Angeles, USA! Please see below for the course descriptions and registration links. We are looking forward to seeing some of you in Los Angeles.


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DIVA-3.0 Released!

After a week of silence with the download available, we would like to officially announce the release of DIVA-3.0! You may wish to view the presentation of new features from DIVA Day 2014: presentation, mp3 audio. DIVA now supports the new LEED…


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Alpha Release of DIVA 3.0!

In preparation for DIVA Day 2014, we are pleased to announce the alpha release of DIVA version 3.0! With this update, DIVA supports the new LEED v4 metric via IES-LM-83's sDA metric. Also electric lighting is coming to DIVA with the ability to load in and position measured electric lighting data via IES files in the DIVA GUI. Please read the information below, and then feel free to try it out. Even if your DIVA-2.0 trial is…


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DIVA Workshop / Training, April 3rd at Rhino Day 2014 in Guadalajara, Mexico

Dear colleagues,

I wanted to let you all know that I will be teaching a full-day workshop on using DIVA and daylighting analysis for architectural design. This will take place on April 3rd at this year's Rhino Day in Guadalajara, Mexico. The price is $95, which includes a day of instruction, sample models and Grasshopper scripts, and a DIVA license…


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DIVA Released

Dear DIVA Users,

We recently released DIVA - Beta, available for download from the Solemma webpage. Since there was never a blog post made for the DIVA 2.1 series, below is a list of the major features and bug fixes. A complete list, as always, can be seen in the last three entries of the changelog. There are…


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Umi - A New Urban Modeling Software from the MIT Sustainable Design Lab

Dear colleagues:

Some of you might be interested in umi, a new, Rhino-based design environment for modeling the environmental performance of neighborhoods and cities regarding operational energy use (EnergyPlus), walkability and daylighting potential (Daysim/Radiance). umi is being developed by the Sustainable Design Lab at MIT and can be downloaded from http://www.urbanmodeling.net/.

We gave an one hour overview of…


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Important: Bug in Rhino 5, Service Release 1 (SR1)

Dear DIVA users,

There is a bug with Rhinoscript in Rhino 5 SR1, released on January 29, 2013 which causes certain elements of DIVA to break. We recommend to avoid upgrading at this time and to keep the original version of Rhino included with your installation CD. 

We will update this thread when SR2 is available with a bug…


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DIVA Beta Released

Dear DIVA users,

We are pleased to share our latest DIVA release with you, version Noteworthy improvements are,

  • Using DIVA in Rhino 5 is now fully functional! Make sure to follow the installation instructions carefully if you're using DIVA in Rhino 5 for the first time.
  • When creating new geometry, it is no longer necessary to re-run the Materials…

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DIVA Beta Released. Simultaneous install of Rhino 4 and Rhino 5 versions.

Hi all,

 We just released a new beta version of DIVA, There will be no official version release of If there are no serious bugs discovered in this version, it will move into a full release. 

Please see the full changelog and download at the Solemma website, but the biggest single feature…


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DIVA Beta Released

Hi All,

We just released a new beta version of DIVA, A shortlist of new features are included below, but please read the full changelog here and download at the Solemma website.

Best regards,


DIVA Selected New Features

  • Many…

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DIVA Beta Versions, and the Release of Version Beta

Since the unsuccessful launch of version which caused issues for some users, we have phased in a beta period of one to two weeks for each new version of DIVA.

With this announcement comes DIVA Beta. This new version fixes some bugs in the advanced shading module and allows effective annual glare probability to be displayed alongside occupancy, shading device status, and…


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Announcing DIVA-for-Rhino (5) x64 - Beta

Hi all,


A version of DIVA has been prepared for Rhino 5 x64. This is not compatible with 32 bit versions of Rhino 4 or 5. This is relatively untested beta software.


Download DIVA for Rhino 5 x64


To make DIVA work with Rhino 5, your export options must be set appropriately. To achieve this, follow the instructions…


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