DIVA and HDR photography workshops at PLEA 2016 in LA (July 10 & 13)

Solemma is announcing three lighting and energy performance workshops in collaboration with the Passive and Low Energy Architecture (PLEA) conference this year in Los Angeles, USA! Please see below for the course descriptions and registration links. We are looking forward to seeing some of you in Los Angeles.

Any questions about the workshops can be directed to alstan@solemma.net or left as a comment on this post.

Introduction to Daylight Simulation in DIVA

Instructors: Alstan Jakubiec (Solemma, Singapore U. of Technology and Design)

Date: 11am to 5pm, Sunday, July 10th before the PLEA conference welcome ceremony

Cost: $200 professional / $50 student

Location: Biltmore Los Angeles, Cordoban Room

Length: 4 hours + 2 hour open session

Knowledge required: Basic familiarity with the Rhinoceros 3D software

This course is specifically geared towards helping designers, sustainability consultants and students to learn the basic theory underlying daylight simulations and how to integrate such simulations within their work. This is a hands-on class in which participants will learn how to conduct a series of simulation exercises on their Windows laptops using the DIVA-for-Rhino plug-in interface to Radiance and Daysim. The exercises and concepts explored include,

  •     Point in time visualizations and glare analysis in Radiance
  •     Daylight Factor and point-in-time illuminance distributions for LEED 2009 compliance
  •     Irradiation mapping and analysis
  •     Climate-based annual daylight calculations with dynamic shading and electric lighting controls
  •     Spatial Daylight Autonomy (sDA) and Annual Solar Exposure (ASE) calculations for LEED v4 compliance

RegisterProfessional ($200) / Student ($50)

Advanced Parametric Simulations in DIVA

Instructors: Jon Sargent (Solemma) and Timur Dogan (Solemma, Cornell)

Date: 11am to 5pm, Sunday, July 10th before the PLEA conference welcome ceremony

Cost: $200 professional / $50 student

Location: Biltmore Los Angeles, Corinthian Room

Length: 5 hours + 1 hour open session

Knowledge required: Basic daylight and energy simulation skills; basic Grasshopper knowledge

This course covers advanced concepts in parametric daylighting and energy analysis using the Grasshopper visual scripting language. The new DIVA 4.0 daylighting components and Archsim in Grasshopper will be used in order to:

  •     Construct and manipulate multi-zone energy models
  •     Control shading and lighting schedules using Radiance-based methods
  •     Parametrize model geometry, materials, and building controls
  •     Couple performance analysis using Radiance-based lighting controls and multi-zone energy models
  •     Launch parametric analyses and harvest simulation results

The class involves demos and live exercises on participants' laptops, so come equipped with an installation of Rhinoceros 3D and Grasshopper, and be ready to (visually) script!

RegisterProfessional ($200) / Student ($50)

Introduction to High Dynamic Range Photography

Instructors: Mehlika Inanici (U. of Washington), Alstan Jakubiec (Solemma, Singapore U. of Technology and Design)

Date: 2pm to 6pm, Wednesday, July 13th after the PLEA conference

Cost: $150 professional / $35 student

Location: Biltmore Los Angeles, Corinthian Room

Length: 4 hours

In this course, participants will calibrate their own cameras to capture high dynamic range (HDR) photographs, a contemporary method of measuring luminance levels with standard photographic equipment. The resulting HDR images are useful for recording lighting qualities and levels in real spaces and performing visual comfort analysis. The course will cover methods of capturing HDR images, validation and accuracy, visualization, and glare analysis through hands-on examples. After an introductory lesson, participants will have the opportunity to record lighting values around the course venue in Los Angeles.

Note: Participants need to bring their own camera with a manual function for this workshop. A tripod is recommended, although the instructors will provide a number of tripods for the course. A Windows-based installation and permanent license of the Photosphere HDR software is included in the course fee.

RegisterProfessional ($150) / Student ($35)

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Comment by Heba Moanis Hatem on April 23, 2016 at 3:00pm

It looks interested, I wish I can join the second, and third workshop.

Comment by CD2005 on May 26, 2016 at 12:01pm

Hi Alstan, 

I have two questions about the workshops

1- Will the workshop go over the new features that are incorporated in DIVA 4.0? 

2- Will a recording of all three workshops be available for purchase after? I don't think I will be able to make it in July because my university won't fund the trip to LA.  



Comment by J. Alstan Jakubiec on May 26, 2016 at 11:26pm

Hello Rania,

1) Yes, especially the advanced parametric simulations course will cover new features.

2) We haven't setup any recording plans yet, but we do have some facility to record the presentation parts of the workshops. They will be hands on, so any recordings may not offer the full benefit. Please feel free to send an e-mail to alstan@solemma.net to keep up with this.



Comment by CD2005 on May 27, 2016 at 12:36pm


Thanks for your response. I still might be able to attend. All three workshops are worth it!



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