Did you know that with DIVA you can calculate achievement of the LEED Daylighting Credit 8.1?

The LEED calculation is found under Metrics button --> Daylight Grid-Based --> Point-in-Time Illuminance --> Metric-->  LEED IEQ 8.1 (select from the drop-down menu).

DIVA will calculate the Illuminance for your sensor grids on September 21 at 9am and 3pm, and the DIVA legend will report the number of LEED points achieved.  For more information see the LEED page in our User Guide: http://diva4rhino.com/user-guide/simulation-types/LEED-IEQ

Note: we recently updated the LEED calculation to reflect the Addendum change to the credit. The new LEED illuminance range is 10-500fc. If you do not see the new LEED range when you select the LEED calculation, download the latest build of DIVA from the website.

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