Mr.Comfy 0.16 released- spatially map E+ simulation results alongside DIVA metrics

Dear DIVA community,

during these past few years intensively working with & teaching DIVA, I have frequently observed the power of spatially representing daylight metrics to enhance the performance knowledge of designers and building science professionals alike.

Based on those experiences, I've authored a tool that extends the data domain of spatial metrics mapping to include the output of multi-zone thermal building simulations. It's available to you at

Mr.Comfy is a Grasshopper3d component, written in Python, that allows designers to interactively visualize thermal simulation results data in Rhino3d design models.

Instead of using charts or tabular data, energy consumption, comfort and any other available report variable are directly displayed through color-coded surfaces (and numeric values) where they occur – in the individual spaces of a design.

By color-mapping and visually reinforcing differences between zone behaviors, designers can thus more easily diagnose which parts of a building use more energy- and make appropriate morphological changes.

Also, the combined mapping of multi-domain metrics makes it much simpler to diagnose performance pitfalls in a design; check out Mr.Comfy working alongside DIVA here:

It's a great joy for me to share it with the community here first - I hope you will find it useful.

- Max

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