Hi Everyone,

I have just created a few new tutorials that are now available on our Video Tutorials webpage (and on the diva4rhino YouTube page as well).

Customizing the Daysim Simulation Report

You know that .html report that pops up at the finish of running a Climate-Based Metric with the DIVA toolbar? This tutorial will show you how to easily switch out the DIVA logo and website link for your own personal or company logo and URL.

Adding a Custom Material

Want to try adding your own materials to the material library? This tutorial will explain to you the structure of the DIVA Radiance Materials library. It will also show you how to add your own custom material to the library, and use it in a visualization.

Creating a Parallel Projection Cutaway View

Impress your friends by creating a parallel projection, cutaway view of your model. This tutorial will show you how to edit a Radiance file to do it.

Happy Learning!


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