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1. Geometry does not appear to be included in the Radiance analysis

Possible reasons:

  • If you are running Rhino 5, did you adjust the default .obj export settings?
  • Is the missing geometry on a layer that is locked or off?
  • Is the missing geometry is on a layer which does not have a material assigned?
  • Is the geometry is complicated? Has the geometric density been set high enough? (in the Metrics dialog box)
  • Are the surface normals oriented correctly? Check using the "Dir" command in Rhino.

Check if the geometry is exporting properly by running the Visualization/Image Metric and see whether the geometry appears properly in the rendering. It is generally a good idea to use a visualization to visually verify if your geometry is exporting properly before running any of the metrics.

2. Results seem incorrect
Possible reasons:

  • Your geometry is not exporting properly. Run a Visualization Metric to verify.
  • Your Radiance parameters are not set high enough. Try increasing them in the Metrics dialog box.
  • Your sensor node normals are not oriented properly. Check them using the "Dir" command in Rhino.
  • You have not created a ground plane and/or you have not assigned it a material. Ground planes should always be added into models, and be assigned a material.\
  • Results can be surprising, but always gauge them against what you would expect.

3. Nodes appear on the wrong side of the plane
The surface normal of the drive surface is reversed. Use the "Dir" command in Rhino to reverse the normals of the plane to which the nodes are associated.

4. "Rtrace – warning no lights found"
You can ignore this warning. It indicates that no sources other than the sun are found in the scene. Similarly, when running the “Radiation Maps” metric, there is a series of lines which say “ERROR!”. This can be disregarded as well.

5. Various odd problems

Is your Rhino installed as a non-English localization? Unfortunately DIVA has some issues with non-English command parameters. You can add English by following the instructions at

You can then switch back and forth by going to Tools > Options :: Rhino Options > Appearance > Language

6. Error message in German when running a Visualization
It is likely that the view you are rendering is set to parallel projection. In order to produce an image, the projection must be set to perspective. Change it by going to the "Properties" panel and select "Perspective" from the Projection drop down menu.

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