Installation and Setup of the Grasshopper Component

The DIVA-for-Grasshopper assembly extends the DIVA-for-Rhino tools to the generative modelling program Grasshopper.

  • Users should be comfortable with the Grasshopper environment.
  • Grasshopper is available from the grasshopper website.
  • An excellent primer by Andy Payne can be downloaded at liftarchitects.


The Grasshopper assembly requires files and software that are included with DIVA-for-Rhino 2.0 or newer, so download and install the latest version (the download tab located at the top of this page).
The assembly is located in DIVA folder after installation (C:\DIVA\DIVA.forGrasshopper.gha).


If you are using the older DIVA-for-Rhino version 1.9, the grasshopper assembly 1.903 is available here. The 1.9 and 2.0 versions of the DIVA toolbar and grasshopper components are not compatible.


Close Rhino if it is open on your computer.

Place the DIVA grasshopper assembly in the components folder located where you have installed Rhino:

......\Rhinoceros 4.0\Plug-ins\Grasshopper\Components.

Erase all previous versions of DIVA.forGrasshopper in the Components folder.


The next time you open Rhino and start Grasshopper, the DIVA assembly should be in the "DIVA" tab.



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