Installing DIVA-for-Rhino 3.0

Congratulations, DIVA version 3 should now be installed!

Getting Started

What others have done with DIVA can be seen in the proceedings of our previous DIVA Day events. Please explore our user guide using the sidebar to the right.

If you have any issues post in the appropriate discussion forum, and we will answer as soon as possible.

Missing or Not Updated Toolbar

If you do not see the 'DIVA 3.0 Toolbar' docked at the top of the screen, you will need to browse to the C:\DIVA\ folder and drag the DIVA.rui toolbar file into the Rhino viewport. There are two new commands in the DIVA-3.0 toolbar, Load IES File and Set LM-83 sDA Controls. If you do not see these upon installation, it is likely that an older iteration toolbar is 'stuck' in Rhino. To fix this, navigate to the Rhino Options > Toolbar menu and close the existing DIVA toolbar. Then you can load the latest toolbar as explained at the start of this paragraph.


By default, DIVA comes with a 30-day trial license that functions the same as the full version. Students are eligible to register for a free educational license. Professional users may purchase a perpetual license for individual computers. Large institutions and schools may contact us to discuss pricing for a floating site license.

DIVA 2.0 Installation Information

Looking for the old DIVA version 2 installation instructions? They may be found below.

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