Simulation Categories

When you click on the Metrics button, at the top of the menu that pops up are tabs with the 3 simulation category types. The tab names are: Daylight Images, Daylight Grid-Based and Thermal Single-Zone. These are described below.

Simulation Categories: DIVA Metrics Menu Tabs

Daylight Images

(Visualization, Timelapse, Radiation Map, Point-in-Time Glare, Annual Glare)

This category contains all metrics for which the output is an image in the format of *.pic which can also be saved as a .tif or various other image types, and can be viewed in an image viewer like wxfalsecolor. The images do not depend on nodes, and do not output to a falsecolor grid.

Daylight Grid-Based

(Daylight Factor, Point-in-Time Illuminance, Climate-Based, Radiation Map)

These simulations depend on the setting up of the sensor node grid, using the Nodes button. The output of these simulations is a falsecolor grid which shows up directly in the Rhino, and can be exported in the ways that other Rhino views can be rendered, printed or exported. 

Thermal Single-Zone

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